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Non-contact Measurement of Free-Form Surfaces

Morovič Ladislav

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Non-contact methods of data acquisition of point coordinates have been widely used in various fields of science and technology as well as in various industries, such as construction, medicine and arts. Special attention is currently being paid to the increasingly emerging products of so called free-form surfaces. Free-form surfaces represent the areas that are not defined in dimensions, often created by artists, designers or nature itself. The products of free-form surfaces include e.g. reliefs, car bodies, human faces etc., which are frequently unique in their shape. One of the main tasks of non-contact methods of data acquisition of point coordinates (3D scanning in this case) is digitization of the objects of free-form surfaces. The aim of the current monograph is to introduce fundamental theoretical principles and the main applications of selected non-contact methods of data collection based on triangulation (photogrammetry, structured light) designed for the 3D static and dynamic displacement measurement of discrete points and 3D static and 3D dynamic deformation measurement of surfaces, or 3D digitization of surface geometry in the area of engineering and manufacturing technologies in related fields. The monograph is intended for all the interested professionals and staff of engineering companies in the field of non-contact measurement of discrete point coordinates and free-form surfaces. It may also serve as a textbook for the technical vocational schools, colleges and university teachers and students at all study levels.
Non-contact Measurement of Free-Form Surfaces

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