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Georgia nuisance law


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Georgia Nuisance Law is the first comprehensive analysis of this growing area of Georgia law. It provides a comprehensive review of Georgia’s nuisance statutes and their common law interpretation. This book is designed for the legal practitioner, guiding the reader from the legal definition of nuisance in Georgia through specific applications of the nuisance laws in recent cases. Georgia Nuisance Law is also a helpful reference tool for those engaged in real estate and land use transactions and others in land use related industries, as it specifically addresses the application of nuisance laws to homeowners associations and the remedies available to aggrieved land owners. It explains local trends in this area of law and explores alternative applications found in other jurisdictions. Georgia Nuisance Law addresses nuisance actions involving government entities, as well as the difference between private and public nuisances, exceptions to nuisance laws, and criminal nuisance laws. Georgia Nuisance Law is a required work for anyone involved in this growing area of Georgia law.
Georgia nuisance law

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