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Communication Between Cultures

Samovar Larry A, Porter Richard E, McDaniel Edwin R, Roy Carolyn Sexton

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Emphasizing the roles that family, religion, and history play in intercultural communication, COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CULTURES, 9E helps you increase your understanding and appreciation of different cultures while developing practical skills for improving your communication with people from other cultures. Bringing chapter concepts to life, the text is packed with the latest research and compelling examples that help you take a look at your own assumptions, perceptions, and cultural biases so you can see the subtle and profound ways culture affects communication. The ninth edition also includes insightful discussions of the impact of globalization, a new chapter on intercultural communication competence, and extensive coverage of new technology. Originally attainable in January 2016 by Wadsworth Publishing, this volume of Communication Between Cultures by Larry A. Samovar, Richard E. Porter, Edwin R. McDaniel and Carolyn Sexton Roy provides 432 pages of high-caliber content. Encompassing thorough Theater topics, the writer of Communication Between Cultures 9th Edition (978-1285444628) strove to compose a definitive text on the study of Performing Arts and Theater and linked matters. If your book list includes the ninth edition of Communication Between Cultures for an enrolled Theater study necessity, name Chegg Textbooks the ultimate textbook connection. With the book's popularity in college curricula, recently positioned in the topmost 3 of Theater books and the top 10 among all Performing Arts publications, interest for this ISBN might be strong so saving money today at our library by not spending more on list price is a smarter way to student. Brandishing an original list price of $149.95, visitors will regularly obtain it at a discount visiting Chegg from our supply of new and used books for rent or purchase.
Communication Between Cultures

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Uvedená cena je orientační a může se lišit v návaznosti na kurz české koruny a termín objednání.

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