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Analytical Chemistry: Chemical Analysis

Mikuš, Peter – Mikušová, Veronika

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The textbook „Analytical Chemistry: Chemical Analysis“ provides students of pharmacy a consistent and sufficiently extensive theoretical and methodical knowledge basis as well as practical experimental skills for performing the identification and the quantification of substances based on their characteristic chemical reactions. The acquired theoretical knowledge and experimental skills will allow the use of group and selective chemical reactions to detect inorganic cations and anions in a sample; the use of procedure based on combining the steps of elemental analysis, solubility class testing, proof of functional groups and, in addition, measurement of selected characteristic parameters (melting temperature, boiling temperature, chromatographic retention), to identify organic molecules in a sample; and, finally, the use of gravimetric and volumetric (titration) analytical methods along with calculations from corresponding chemical reactions/equilibria (acid-base, complexing, redox, precipitation) to quantify targeted inorganic ions as well as organic molecules in a sample. The student will get not only the essential information about chemical analysis of model and pharmaceutical matrices under the real conditions of an analytical laboratory (along with basic rules and requirements of safety and protection at work), but also a demonstration of problem solving and interrelationships within the analyzed systems. Advantageously, this approach will lead to the development of analytical thinking of the student in general.
Analytical Chemistry: Chemical Analysis

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