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Measurement of dimensional and geometric accuracy of tubes

Augustín Görög, Ladislav Morovič, Michaela Kritikos, PhD.

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Chapter I of the current monograph presents the basic knowledge in the field of dimensional and geometric accuracy of manufactured engineering components. The main body of the monograph focuses on application of various metrological systems for the measurement of cold-drawn pipes through a die, including Surfcom 5000 profilometer, Rondcom 60A roundness measurement instrument and CenterMAX coordinate measuring machine. Non-contact metrology systems, such as GOM ATOS II TripleScan SO 3D optical scanner and METROTOM 1500 computed tomography scanner utilising X-ray radiation are also concerned. All used equipment is available at the STU Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trnava. Each section devoted to particular metrological system summarises theoretical knowledge about the device, and describes the device features and measurement methods applies. Selected measurement results processed in the form of tables, graphs or other graphic outputs are also presented. Analysis of the impact of the measured surface adjustment on the roundness measurement accuracy indicates the possibility of an error, which may be also predicted by the device. Application of harmonic analysis to a roundness profile enhances the options of processing the measurement results for the analysis of the potential manufacturing impact on the resulting geometric accuracy. The monograph represents a partial output of the research project “Research on causes of geometrical deviations in the production of seamless tubes and their technological inheritance with an emphasis on the shape stability of precision cold drawn tubes using metrological systems”. However, the authors’ wide knowledge and expertise were collected and obtained also through their long-term experience gained while dealing with various research projects in the past.
Measurement of dimensional and geometric accuracy of tubes

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